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    Inredia is the essence of Tibro furniture industry gathered under one roof.

Practitioners, theorists, dreamers and visionaries. We believe in the power of mixing it up. When thoughts and ideas come together, marinate and are given free rein, fantastic things happen. Inredia is our manifestation of this vision. A hub, an arena, an international forum for interior design. A meeting place where networks grow and projects become reality. For designers and clients alike.

It’s a beautiful vision. It’s an ambitious plan. But it has already started to take shape. We have 150 years of interior design experience on our side, in the form of an extensive network of companies and designers. And equally crucial to our success: an entire industry dedicated to processing and finishing wood, shaping sheet metal, moulding plastic … All in one handy little place: Tibro, Sweden.

Inredia includes everyone. Inredia has room for everyone. It’s a happy mixture. It’s an open arena for ideas, projects and business deals.

This is Inredia – the melting pot of interior design.